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Elite Tents


Aside from their beautifully unique elegance, hire Elite teepees and you’ll enjoy a strong, versatile and weatherproof venue like no other.
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Rustic Roast Kitchen


As a versatile company it’s tricky to narrow down our services to a specific list! Basically – if you are looking for caterers for any kind of event. Your want good food, quality and a caring, friendly service – You’ve found it!
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Cotswold Brewing

When we say our beers are hand crafted, we really mean it! There are no automated production lines in our brew house. The most sophisticated bit of kit around here is Rick! Some brewers might be proud of their modern, automated brew plants but we prefer a more hands on approach to ensure the quality and uniqueness of our beers.
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Cotswolds Distillery


Situated in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty famous for its horticultural heritage and set in five acres of beautiful Cotswolds countryside, our state-of-the-art distillation equipment is perfectly poised for the creation of our fine spirits.
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Mr Fitzpatricks Vintage Cordials


All our vintage cordials are still produced today in the time honoured tradition of botanically brewing only the finest natural ingredients and of course credit must go to our wonderful and creative team who make the impossible possible.
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Mobile: 07525 589295
Email: info@decanterevents.co.uk



We travel across the UK!
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